Steps: a selection of comments and reviews

‘The simplicity of execution… the extraordinary foregrounding of the moment itself: these are not meditations on mortality, but celebrations of being.’ – Peter Boughton on the Minor Literature[s] site. Read the full review here.

‘A beautifully produced volume.’ – Ian Brinton on the Tears in the Fence blog. Read the full review here.

‘Goodwin pushes language and form to hold the physical. He seeks the visceral potential of language, slipping it from its intellectual mantle to bare muscle and sinew.’ – Sarah Hymas on the Sabotage Reviews site. Read the full review here.

‘One of those beautiful collections that somehow manages the feat of being in constant movement (word play, riff, layout) while also capturing the stillness of each precisely observed moment and creating a sculpture of words on the page… A very beautiful and enjoyable collection to read.’ – Poet and critic Sarah James writing on her blog. Read the full review here.

‘A sharp eye for the small particulars of a place…’ – Billy Mills on his Elliptical Movements blog. Read the full review here.

‘Scrupulous response to landscape, adventurous ways of using the white space of the page, observational energy and tactility in the language combine to create an authentic sense of place, vital and transformative.’ – Penelope Shuttle writing for The Poetry Shed. Read the full review here.